Islam, Science & Scientism

The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC) is pleased to announce the organisation of an international conference on Islam, Science and Scientism. This conference is the first of many scholarly events to be organised by BMHC, which aims to offer a better appreciation of Islamic culture and civilisation and the Muslim contribution to modern science and civilisation, aspects which are little appreciated or totally misunderstood today.

This event is also intended to bring a better understanding of the interactions and exchanges, which have taken place between various faiths and cultures in enriching our common heritage. It will involve the participation of scholars and audiences of all faiths and backgrounds.

This conference is planned to be an annual meeting place for all those working on, and those wishing to know more about, the role of Islam and its culture and the people who lived under the Islamic aegis. Besides the talks, there will also be a series of other events and cultural expressions, including exhibitions, workshops, etc.

The conference is open to scholars, people of thought, and students. It is also open to those involved in the teaching profession as well as professionals who are interested in scholarship in general, and Islamic thought in particular. The subjects open for discussion are also diverse and should be accessible to most elements of the general public as well.